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Wallshield Investigation Services is comprised of highly trained former military and law enforcement personnel who are Ieaders in their field and understand the needs of YOUR area. 

The service requested will be tailored with an investigator who has expertise in that field & all investigations are considered confidential.

Upon completion of the investigation, the client will be provided with a detailed Report of Investigation (ROI), digital interviews and transcriptions, and all original evidence in support of the investigation. Wallshielf will not retain any information once the investigation is complete.

All investigations are certified by the Colorado Board of Regulation and Licensing, Private Investigations Advisory Board as Private Investigation Employees (Title 16 Chapter 48, parts 1 -7).

  • The standard rate of investigations is $65 per hour/per Investigator; Weekly rates available

  • Complex cases require a retainer fee from $300 to $5500

  • Investigations outside of Pueblo County will be billed at 54¢ per mile with $25 per each 6 hour increment in per diem 

  • Documents, recordings, photographs, copies, transcriptions and phone calls are included in estimate

  • Case integrity and confidentiality is our commitment to our clients. Any information obtained will not be released to anyone other than the contracting client and/or for legal presentation in court

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